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Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care!  We are not interested in selling you truckloads of fertilizer you may or may not need, we are interested in showing you a crop management system that works!  These tools, technologies, and products are available to everyone from the home gardener to the large farmer with thousands of acres.  You will discover if you attend a Conklin Pro Ag training event or an AgroVantage Field Day, that the punchline to many of the stories is “Don’t be a more-on”.

While Better Farm Crops may be a new, Conklin has been in business for over forty years.  We began our Conklin experience as product users in the mid-nineties.  Over time Conklin products have proven to be more cost-effective and productive than the available alternatives.  Better Farm Crops is built around the three Conklin product lines that we feel are most advantageous to the agricultural producer of today.

Give us a call at: Mick: 918-223-5724, Phil: 405-312-0700 Craig: 405-414-8575, to learn what we can do to help you be more successful!

We feed our IT Gerbils Conklin Fastrack for better performance